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Hyun Soo Oh

I am a painter. My main concern is to create my own mythology that is relevant to human psychology through painting. I intend to depict narratives inspired by my personal direct/indirect experience and imagination with characters I create on a surface. If the narrative is the script I write, the surface I paint on is the stage. I prefer to working on a large scale as I want the viewers not only to see my painting but also to experience it physically. I started art in London with no art background from Korea, I studied the Western traditional paintings as the primary inspiration. After returning to Korea, I became fascinated by Korean traditional art and pondered the authentic potential in the balance between the Eastern and Western art. I am currently working on deepening my idiom with inspirations both from the Eastern and the Western art as well as traditional and contemporary essence. I trust that I have a strong chance to be an authentic painter if I find a way to sculpt my idiom with foundation of my two very different backgrounds. As a non-white and female painter, I have been rejected by the contemporary art market over and over again. Every time I feel like giving up after rejections, my hands get so warm that I just can not help but grab a brush again.


2006 - 2009
BA Fine Art (Studio Practice and Contemporary Critical Studies), Goldsmiths College, London, UK

2004 - 2005
Access to Art and Design, Lambeth College, London, UK


Selected for the 8th Korean erotic art contest

Currently working on BIG projects with the best Grime MC BIG H and Bloodline
Portraits commissioned by DJ Limelight ( BBC Asian Network ), http://www.djlimelight.co.uk
Currently working on portraits commissioned by private collectors, London, UK

Chester Amphitheatre Mural Project commissioned by Chester Council - Worked with Gary Drostle as an assistant painter, Chester, UK
Second Floor Studios & Arts - Open Studios (http://secondfloorstudiosarts.wordpress.com/), London, UK

Commission Mural, Berlin, Germany
BA Fine Art Exhibition, Goldsmiths College, London, UK

Commission Mural, AthenStyle Hostel, Athens, Greece

Mural Project, PiccadillyBackpackers, London, UK

Group Exhibition, Lambeth College, London, UK


[Korea Erotica]
Catalogue of the selected works from the 8th Korean erotic art contest. Author: Korean Erotic art contest organisation. ISBN 9788960399594(8960399590)